Our First Week Together was spent in Tennessee. Chris had reserved an extremely secluded Cabin for the first night, way back in the woods. On Saturday morning he received a phone call from the Rental Agency warning him not to come. Since we didn't have any other plans, we went up anyway and as we left Columbia, the snow started coming down. The roads were getting icy, and it was well after dark, so we wound up spending our First Night in a hotel.

The Next day, after purchasing chains, we attempted to get to the cabin despite the warnings. We arrived and were told that even with chains, and Four-Wheel-Drive (which we didn't have) we wouldn't be allowed to go up to the cabin. The roads were so icy that many 4WD vehicles had already gone off the road, and our cabin was the most remote of all. After trying to get up a hill and almost getting stuck, we decided to cancel the reservation and go to another hotel for the Second Night.

On the third day we packed up again and headed out for a Cabin that Chris had reserved for the remainder of the week. Fortunately, the roads had cleared sufficiently by that time that we were able to get to Fairhaven (a Christian Retreat center) without any problems. Once we were there, we almost didn't make it up the hill to our cabin, but they had graveled the road and our car had just enough oomph to make it up. Needless to say, we enjoyed a very secluded week due to the deep snow and icy roads.

Here's the magnificent view from our cabin's balcony.

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