Sk8ing is Gr8

Chris started Sk8ing in Mexico in '98. He has always had a fascination with skateboards, but had never really applied himself until he met Silas Shawver. Silas sold Craig his old Lester board and Craig would let Chris practice with him. Many an afternoon was spent down at the corner trying to learn how to ollie up a curb. The hours of practice finally paid off, but the price was fully paid in bruises, scabs, scars and sprains. At any rate, the benefits definately outweigh the cost.



Even after all these years Chris and Craig still enjoy going out for a little Sk8 now and then, even if it can be discouraging sometimes and the wounds take longer to heal.

There is a sk8park in Columbia near Owen's Field which has a 6 foot metal mini-ramp, several rails and launch ramps, a fun box and a wall. Craig sk8ed there every Saturday for a semester as part of his Field Ed. for school- building relationships with the kids that hung out there.

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