Craig and Michelle Tuggy

Craig is the third of the Tuggys' children. He married Michelle Strayer (a.k.a. Mitchie) on November 9th, 2002.

(This page is from 2003. For more recent pictures (ca. 2006) and news about their daughter Karis, see their newer page.)

See more pictures of the wedding.

Craig and Mitchie graduated together from college in May, 2000. 
That’s our Heidi Corbin looking over their shoulders; 
she’s got a good claim on being both their best friend. 
(And Heidi Tuggy is looking over Craig’s other shoulder)

In fact, Craig and Mitchie have been good friends since way before that.

The above picture was taken in Mexico City on Jan. 5, 1999, during an excellent vacation. (Geschifke, even.). In the picture are Michelle, Craig, Holly, Liz, a friend named Rachel, and Heather. That’s the fabulous Castle of Chapultepec in the background. This was the day when Joy seeing how much fun they had together, said to Michelle, “Mitchie, you need to find yourself a Craigie!” Mitchie’s reply was to the point: “Craigie,” she said, “needs to find me!” Well, he finally did.

They got engaged on the 7th of July, 2002, and were married four months later.

Are they happy, or what?
June 2002, a couple of weeks before their engagement became official

Mitchie can match Craig face for face. 
We knew for sure when we saw these pictures that she would fit into the fam!

Looks like Craig's found a wife who can support him and a lot more besides
(Near the Romero Pools, Catalina State Park, AZ, Aug 2002) 

Craig is not a horse lover
but we like this picture anyway

Craig and Michelle live in Columbia, SC.

See Craig and Michelle's wedding page.
(Craig spent a semester in Thailand in fall 1999)
At his tender age Craig already has a namesake: Craig Daniel Corbin
You can email Craig at and Michelle at
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