The Tuggy Family’s Cars

Those we can remember, in more or less chronological order.

1968 Don Lázaro

1970 The Bathtub  
1970-73 The '64 Plymouth (with the pushbutton transmission)
1973-76 The '64 Ford station wagon
  The "Marca Mack" trailer

  The Dodge Van  
  The yellow Gremlin  
  The green Datsun  
1982- The carry-all trailer  
  The Datsun 4-dr pickup  
1985- The Volvo  
  The Green Renault  
-1991 The Caribe  
  The brown-and-woodgrain Plymouth van  
  The burgundy Chevy station wagon  
1992 Buick station wagon Bought from Don Jensen, 17 June 92. Drove it around the US summer 1992
  Moby Bought from Tim Graham
  The screamin' machine (Datsun pickup)  
1993-1997? Buck (1981 Chevrolet Blazer, 2-door)

1993- (1995?) The gray Plymouth van  
19??-Oct 1996 1981 yellow Subaru wagon  
19??-1996 1975 Buick  
1995-1998 The Jade (1982 Honda)
  The Geo (Patriot)
(19XX Geo Metro)

  The Beast
(19?? Chevrolet Suburban)

1999- Clarence
(1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera)

1999-2001 Ricky (the Red Slug)

2001 Elaine Elizabeth
 (1993 Ford Taurus)

2001-2002 Anita
(1989 Chevrolet Suburban)

2002- The Bronco

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