Favorite Songs
(see also Favorite Poems and Recitations)

One of the sweetest things about traveling and working together has been the songs that we sing.  They make the miles and the time go by so much faster, remind us of truths and make us laugh.   We all have so many fond memories of driving late at night and hearing Dad singing to keep himself awake, or Mom and Dad harmonizing together; of Mom singing us to sleep; of contests where we all pick a song and on the count of 3 sing out as loud as we could and try not to  get drowned out or confused by the others…..  Songs have played a key part in making us who we are.  --Heidi Corbin

Some of these may differ from somebody else's "authorized version", but this is the way we’ve sung them. 

Songs just for fun:

Christian fun songs:

Mommy songs

Songs and Hymns and Spiritual Songs:

Spanish Songs

Other stuff

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