Ain't We Crazy?

This song is, more or less, the way my (David's) friend Robbie Campbelle's dad, Gene Campbelle, used to sing it in a quartet. I learned it from Robbie, of course, and have enjoyed it ever since. 

Hear it sung

It was midnight on the ocean,
    not a streetcar was in sight;
The sun was shining brightly
    and it rained all day that night.
It was summer in the winter,
    and the snow was falling fast;
A barefoot boy with shoes on
    stood there sitting in the grass

Ain't we crazy? Ain't we crazy?
But this is the way we pass the time away.
Ain't we crazy? Ain't we crazy?
We're gonna sing this song all night today.

It was midnight on the ocean,
    not a streetcar was in sight;
I stepped inside a drugstore
    just to get myself a light.
The man behind the counter
    was a woman old and gray,
Who used to peddle shoestrings
    on the road to Mandalay.

"Good Morning, Sir!" I said to her;
    his eyes were bright with tears.
She put her head beneath her feet
    and stood that way for years.
Her children three were orphans,
    all except one tiny tot,
Who lived in the house across the street
    above the vacant lot.


While the organ pealed potatoes,
    lard was rendered by the choir;
The sexton rung the dishrag;
    someone set the church on fire.
"Holy Smokes!" the preacher shouted,
    in the rain he lost his hair;
Now his head resembles heaven, 
    for there'll be no parting there.



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