Sweet Violets

This song was banned from the Orinoco Academy (the missionary kids' school at Las Delicias) because it was too suggestive. They didn't say! It works well when sung by a group with a different person or sub-group singing each pair of lines, so each singer interrupts the previous one..

Sweet violets! Sweeter than all the roses!
Covered all over from head to toe;
Covered all over with
Sweet violets!

There once was a farmer, who took a young miss
    in back of the barn, where he gave her a
Lecture on horses, and chickens, and eggs,
    and told her that she had such beautiful
Manners, that suited a girl of her charms,
    a girl that he wanted to take in his
Washing, and ironing, and then if she did,
    they could get married, and raise lots of


The girl told the farmer that he'd better stop.
    Then she called her father, and he called the
Taxi, and got there before very long,
    for someone was doing his little girl
Right, for a change, and so that's why he said,
    "Son, don't you get married, you're better off
Single, because it has been my belief:
    Marriage will bring a man nothing but


The farmer decided he'd wed anyway,
    and started in planning for his wedding
Suit, which he purchased for only one buck.
    Then he found out he was just out of
Money, and so he got left in the lurch,
    standing and waiting in front of the
End of this story, which all goes to show:
    All a girl wants from a man is his



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