The Horses Run Around

As I remember I (David) learned this song in 1963, when our family was on furlough in Columbia, South Carolina. I remember singing it with the Miller boys, Allan, Daryl and Gurney. I reckon I learned it from them. I know I loved it from the first time I heard the lines about getting the axe and feeding the baby garlic.

Hear it sung

The horses run around,
    Their feet are on the ground,
Who will watch the clock while I'm away? away?
Go get the axe! There's a hair on Baby's chest!
    A boy's best friend is his mother! his mother!

A peeking through a window,
    A second-story window,
I slipped and sprained my eyebrow on the pavement, the pavement,
We feed the baby garlic so we can find it in the dark.
    Who cut the sleeves off Father's vest? his vest?

A peeking through a knothole
    In Grandpa's wooden leg,
Why do they build the shore so near the ocean? the ocean?
A snake's belt always slips just because he's got no hips,
    And his waistline is too far below his necktie, his necktie.

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