This song, with words by Effie Smith Ely and music by Donald P. Hustad, is not as well-known as Dad (David), anyway, thinks it deserves to be. Verses 1 and 3-5 are the originals, with minor variations; verse 2 was Dad's addition.

Hear it sung.

We sigh for human love, from which 
    a whim or chance may sever,
And leave unsought the love of God, 
    though God's love lasts forever.

We chase in vain earth's gaudy joys,
    which on th' horizon shiver,
When God Himself would be our joy
    and our delight forever.

We seek earth's peace in things that pass
    like foam upon the river,
While steadfast as the stars on high,
    God's peace abides forever.

Man's help, for which we long, gives way
    as trees in storm-winds quiver,
But, mightier than all human need,
    God's help remains forever.

Turn unto Thee our wayward hearts,
    Oh Thou who changest never;
Give us Thy love, Thy joy, Thy peace,
    and be our help forever.


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