His Sheep Am I

A favorite of Chrisís and one that I like too. -Heather

In Godís green pastures feeding, by His cool waters lie
    Soft, in the evening, walk my Lord and I
All the sheep of His pasture fare so wondrously fine.
                                His sheep am I.
     girls   Waters Cool             guys   In the Valley
                Pastures Green                      on the mountain
                in the eve                          In the evening
     together           Walk my Lord and I
     girls   Dark the night            guys  In the Valley
                Rough the way                       On the Mountain
                Step by step                      Step by Step
     together                My Lord and I

Through the streets of the city, in the darkness of night
    Far from the fold, He heard my lonely cry
Now I feast at His table in His palace of light
                                His sheep am I

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