Additional verses to
I Sing the Mighty Power of God

These are words that I wrote once to go with a chapel talk at SIL-UND, on how the enormous issues of the universe and our lives depend on the very tiniest of details.  --David Tuggy

Godís love and care shows in the small
    details that shape the whole.
He counts each hair! Each sparrowís fall
    is under his control.
Each atom walks within his ways,
    each particle in place,
The electronsí connecting dance displays
    Godís deft and careful grace.

Molecular gadgetry abounds
    within each living cell:
An awesome complexity surrounds
    the ways we see or smell.
Godís hand it is that forms and sets
    these functions all in train;
His Spirit probes the neural nets
    of thought within my brain.

The farthest reaches man can know
    are well within Godís frame:
Black holes devour, long light years flow;
    he calls each star by name.  
Before all worlds he knew his own
    he chose us yet unborn,
To set us pure before the throne
    on Christís great wedding morn.

The heavens speak, the mountains shout,
    with cliffs like trumpets raised;
The rivers and the rocks cry out
    the oceans seethe with praise.
Great galaxies, no two the same,
    the wondrous, wormy sod,
And rainbows, and rotifers, proclaim
    The artistry of God.

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