My God, How Wonderful Thou Art

This poem, by Frederick W. Faber, is one of my favorites, for simplicity and for depth. The tune "Ortonville", to which it is usually sung, has never felt quite right to me (Dad, i.e. David), so I at one point wrote new music for it. It needs the piano and horns as well as the voice, however, so I haven't sung it here.

My God, how wonderful Thou art,
    Thy majesty, how bright!
How beautiful Thy mercy-seat,
    In depths of burning light
    In depths of burning light.

How dread are Thine eternal years
    O everlasting Lord,
By prostrate spirits day and night
    Incessantly adored
    Incessantly adored.

How wonderful, how beautiful
    The sight of Thee must be,
Thine endless wisdom, boundless power,
    And aweful purity,
    And aweful purity.

O how I fear Thee, living God,
    With deepest, tenderest fears,
And worship Thee with trembling hope
    And penitential tears,
    And penitential tears.

Yet I may love Thee, too, O Lord,
    Almighty as Thou art,
For Thou hast stooped to ask of me
    The love of my poor heart,
    The love of my poor heart.

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