Additional verses to
Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past

These are words that Dad (David) wrote once (at a song-writers' workshop where Nawatl and other Indian-language speakers were writing songs. The SIL members who were attending and helping these Indian-language speakers were challenged to go through the same exercises in English that they were doing in their languages. These verses are to finish out the thoughts of Psalm 90, which Isaac Watts' famous hymn leaves half-way through. 

Teach us to know our days aright
    How few and fleet they are,
Like shadows flying from the light
    Of Thine eternal pow'r.

Thy faithful love continues on.
    Oh Father, may we know
Its fullness with each morning dawn,
    That we may joyful go.

Restore to us the times of waste,
    The fruitless years repay,
Thy gracious goodness let us taste,
    Thy power at work each day.

Thy beauty shining like the Sun,
    Oh, may our children see:
Establish what our hands have done.
    Oh God, we hope in Thee.

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