Heather Tuggy

Heather is the Tuggys’ fourth child, second daughter.
(She's holding a tlayuda, a meal and a half on an oversized tortilla, in Oaxaca)

She is a teacher of Spanish and English at an MK school in the Philippines.

The Twins
(They aren’t really, but they look enough alike to fool people sometimes)
This was in January 2007, just after Kelly’s birth and just before Heather left for the Philippines


Heather graduated from college Magna Cum Laude in May, 2001
With her in this picture are Holly, Dad, Mom, Bill and Heidi, and Craig

She taught for several years in Houston.
She profited from all the Ogden Nash that was read to her as a child.

Heather loves her Daddy.
Heather’s daddy loves her!

Heather holding her new nephew, Craig Corbin
in August 2003

You can email Heather at heather_tuggyATsil.org  (that's an underline between the r and the t)

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