Lizet Arey

Lizet Arey is the Tuggys' "borrowed" daughter

She is from Orizaba: she and Holly were best friends in 6th grade, and her parents let her live with the Tuggys for two years (1998-2000). She and Holly were always together, gallivanting around town or hanging out with friends.

Ready to party!
Lizet made her dress.

Liz fotógrafa
December 2003

Lizet's dad was a bullfighter, and has a couple of bull heads decorating their living room.
Here he is with one of them.

Lizet went with the Tuggys to Chris and Heidi's wedding in January 2000.
She got to play in the snow for the first time there. 
She also was at Craig and Michelle's wedding in November 2002

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