pictures from David Tuggy's
Trip to the Philippines
and Thailand

November, 1999

At the Emerald Buddha pavilion, Bangkok
Craig and his friend Amy

The trip happened because I (David) was invited to the Philippines to help some colleagues who want to develop websites.


People from three organizations worked together,
and first drafts of three websites resulted

The perfessor holds forth

(space considerations have shortened this page considerably, and killed the other pages about the trip  :)


Since Craig and his friend Amy Spainhour were teaching English near Bangkok. I arranged things with Amy so as to, in her elegant phrase, surprise the snot out of Craig. It worked beautifully. Craig hadn't a clue whom they were going to the airport to pick up.

This was a few minutes after Craig and I
saw each other at the airport.


Craig and me by the reclining Buddha
(dig those snazzy toes)

The Grand Palace complex in Bangkok is awesome!


Palace with Dr. Seuss trees in front

The ornate roofs of the temples, with their 
stylized bird peaks, were fascinating

There were plenty of monsters, whether painted ...


... or sculpted.

Some were pretty horrible looking ...

... and some kind of cute.

An exceptionally nice squattie potty
(The sprayer thingie is in lieu of that disgusting American custom of TP)


Bet you never thought of making 
such an artistic trash-can out of old tires!

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