Pictures from David's trip to Europe

David went to Stockholm to participate in the VI International Cognitive Linguistics Association conference (ICLC '99). On the way there he stopped for a couple of days in England--his first time there. He spent a day sightseeing in London, and took some of the typical tourist pictures. No pictures were allowed, of course, in some of the coolest places, like Westminster Abbey.

The "Burghers of Calais"


A London bus

Richard the Lion-Hearted's monument
by the houses of Parliament


Cavalry riding towards Buckingham Palace

William Tyndale's monument
This man is remembered for good reason!
(Wycliffe Bible Translators could well have been called Tyndale Bible Translators)


Stockholm's most picturesque section is the old-town-on-an-island, Gamla Stan.
This picture was taken about 10:30 pm. Stockholm doesn't get midnight sun, but it's close.

David is one of the "All-Timers" who have been to all six ICLA conferences, starting with the first one in Duisburg, Germany in 1989. (That's George Lakoff sitting in front, not David. David is sitting behind and to George's left in the picture.)

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