Puerto Escondido
We've taken a couple of family vacations here. We recommend it highly.

Road's end

Liz and Holly in the middle,
twin cousins Robin and April Phillips


The rocks and surf are spectacular

Strolling the Empedrado


View from our hotel balcony

Fresh tuna fish--want some?


Come on in,
the shopping's fine!

The beach awaits you!

Landscape with Boulder

We don't recommend the sporadically paved highway through the Sierra Madre Occidental from Oaxaca to Puerto via Sola de Vega, especially in a low-slung car like Clarence (our '89 Oldsmobile). In a number of places the mud was literally several feet deep, and we made it only because Clarence was swimming downhill rather than up. This was one of many places where the mountainside had slid down and the road was a brecha rather than a highway. 

Still, for beauty, you could do worse!


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