The Orinoco Academy

OAKidsFmSIrwin.jpg, 196 kB
OA students (1962-63)
David, Margot Tanz, Frieda, Danny
Freddy, Becky Gookin, Linda Harley, Hilma Lewis, Linda Ruth, Flora Lewis, Cheryl Leventry
Dale, Becky Ruth, Sammy, Donny Ruth, Johnny Harley, Bobby Leventry, Ronny Prince
Donny Leventry, Faith Coots, Nancy Bullard, Suzanne Shelley, Jimmy Prince, Grace Osborne, Timmy
Davey Coots, Stevie Irwin, Danny Leventry, Stevie Osborne, David Borden
Probably taken on the OA playing field,
looking across at the hill to the right of the Pabellón
This and following pic by Uncle Dave Coots (?) courtesy of Steve Irwin)

“To the ORINOCO ACADEMY we belong, both heart and mind,
  This school we love is by far above, and leaves all the rest behind...”
(—from the OA “Alma Mama”)

Slightly over-elevated sentiments, maybe, but it was a neat school, in its way!

The OA was the missionary kids’ school for the Orinoco River Mission. I (David Tuggy) don’t know when it officially began, or when it ceased operations, but I suppose all of my school years when I wasn’t in the States, from first grade in 1954 through high school graduation in 1966, I was attending it.

Since the OA was at Las Delicias, where we lived, we Tuggy kids (along with the Lewis girls, the Hollingsworths, and a few others) were the lucky ones—we got to live at home and didn’t have to live in the dorm. Not that the dorm was (always) such a bad place to live, but being at home was preferable, even when the dorm parents were really neat people.

OAFmSIrwin.jpg, 122 kB
OA students and teachers (1961-62)
Aunt Dorothy Smith (?), Frieda, Aunt Charlene Webb, DeeDee Hollingsworth, Aunt Elinor and Uncle Willard Bjornstad
Sammy, David, Danny, Keith Hollingsworth, Margot Tanz, Flora Lewis, Aunt Ruth Casto
Hilma Lewis, Linda Harley, Helen Tuggy, Becky Gookin, Johnny Harley, Freddy
Eddie Tuggy (Dito), Stevie Irwin, David Borden, Nancy Bullard, Brucie Hollingsworth, Dale, Davey Coots
Taken next to the OA school building (I think),
looking across the Caripe valley towards El Perú

This picture, courtesy of Aunt Ruth Casto, shows the OA student body about 1959 or 1960. The following pictures were taken at the same time, evidently. They are mostly taken on the steps coming down from the dorm area to the school building itself. 

Boys: Uncle Walter, Keith Hollingsworth, Johnny Johnson, Milty Rampy, Danny, Bobby Leventry, David
Girls: Lynn Olvey, Esther Rodgers, Helen Tuggy, Hilma Lewis, Linda Harley, Cheryl Leventry, Flora Lewis 

The Big Kids
Larry Johnson, Bobby and Garalyn Rampy, Doris Johnson, Aunt Mildred
Lee Rodgers, Frieda, Carol Rodgers, DeeDee Hollingsworth

The little kids:
Aunt Ruth, Brucie Hollingsworth, Sammy,  Donny Leventry, Johnny Harley, Freddy, Ronny Prince
Becky Gookin (?), Dale, Toony or Teenie or one of those dogs. 

Uncle Walter Lanz (principal), Aunt Elinor and Uncle Willard Bjornstad (houseparents)
Aunt Mildred Lanz, Aunt Charlene Webb, Aunt Ruth Casto



From the Orinoco Outlook, Spring 1966
OrinocoOutlookCover.jpg, 69 kB

OrinocoOutlook-p4-5.jpg, 98 kB

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