Pictures from Christmas 2003

The fam
on Christmas Day, 2003
in Puerto Escondido

We came from all over. Dad and Mom (David and Joy) had been in Peru, but they flew up to Houston and then drove three days down to Oaxaca with Heather and the Corbins

Driving together was fun!
Katie and her Grandpa

We drove through some awesome scenery
Heidi C and Katie

Holly (from California) and Liz (from Orizaba) had already been in Oaxaca a few days, and Craig and Mitchie flew in from South Carolina the day before the Houston crew arrived. The next day, Christmas Eve, as they drove down to Puerto Escondido, Chris and Heidi, who had flown in (from SC like Craig and Mitchie) to Huatulco, caught the bus over to Puerto. So we spent Christmas eve, Christmas day and two days after at Puerto. 

Puerto Escondido harbor, Christmas Eve

As the first picture suggests, we ate.

Some of us surfed
Craig nails one


Chris nailed one: Craig, Katie, Bill, and Chris

We took a memorable boat ride, including an encounter with the ferocious sea turtle
That's Liz, the turtle, and Holly
not the other way around

We swam
Heather and Heidi C had jumped overboard. They really can swim pretty well without life vests.

We recuperated
This pic of Chris and Heidi T was only slightly posed
We recommend Le P'tit Hotel, where we stayed

Back in Oaxaca we did Christmas
As you can see, Corbin & Son (& Daughter) got Peruvian sweaters

The Apron Crew

Los Chicos Tukey

Mostly we just had a great time being with each other
Heather, the Corbins, and Joy

Heather feeds her Mommy

Our good-looking daughters-in-law
No wonder our sons married them

At Hierve el Agua
Bill Corbin, Chris & Heidi, Craig and Michelle with Lizet in front of them, Heather, Heidi Corbin (holding Craigie), Holly, Katie, Joy
(David was taking the picture)

We received the new year in Oaxaca with celebration

Happy New Year, everybody!

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