David & Joy Tuggy’s Homepage

The fam

Holly, Lizet, Heather,

& Michelle

& Joy

& Heidi

Bill holding Craig
& Heidi holding Katie
(who’s holding one of 
our several great-grandchildren)

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Christmas 2003

Those of you interested in a few photos and short descriptions of happenings
in David and Joy Tuggy’s lives can find them here.

The family

Mexico’s mountains
and waterfalls

The Nawatl area


dfCaripeThumb.jpg, 22 kB
Las Delicias,
Caripe & the OA


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Favorite Cars

Favorite Songs (Some of them actually sung!)

The Ballad of Johnny Sands
One Black Bug

Don't Build Your House on the Sandy Land
Oh God, Our Help

The Good Samaritan on a Harley

Favorite Poems

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